latina power in the kitchen

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gaby, 21 years young, ballerina, and polisci major. inbox is always open for advice ♡

"First comes the sweat, then comes the beauty."—Mr. B.

corowedim i don’t know who the duck you are but stop fucking reblogging personal posts, especially when you’re being a creep and not even written a response to them

Meet and Greet

Tagged by: vaganovaboy & j-nnah 
Name: Gabriela
Nickname(s): gaby, gabs, gabster, g, yo gabbane gabba, the list is endless
Birthday: December 28

Gender: female
Sexuality: yes
Height: 5’3 AND A HALF
Timezone: PST
Current time and date: 3:34 AM 1st of September

Last thing I Googled: an IQ test
First word that comes to mind: usted
Last thing I said to a family member: “conseguí un paraguas, mira.”
A place that makes you happy and why: my bed because sleep.
Number of blankets I sleep under: usually one comforter but if it’s cold or i have the AC on, a comforter and one sheet

Favourite beverage(s): coffee and water
Last movie I watched in the cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy yo
3 things I can’t live without: my phone, my Nikons, and my laptop (I sound horrible but honestly there’s many things and people I can’t live without)
Something I plan on learning: languages

A piece of advice for your followers: stick it to the man
You have to listen to this song: ave cesaria by stromae

I am tagging: addict-if, adjustandletgo, dancing-mylife-away


Practical ways to improve turnout, extension, balance and jumps.

(Source: theballetblog)