magical mexican balleting feminista

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gaby, 21 years young, ballerina, and polisci major. inbox is always open for advice ♡

"First comes the sweat, then comes the beauty."—Mr. B.


soy de Tijuana, B.C pero vivo en San Diego en el otro lado :)


jaja noooo soy ella. creo que esa amiga no tiene tumblr. sólo puse lo que escribió al respecto de todos los comentarios mamones.


did you mean don’t go to bed too late? 😁 thanks! im just drinking water and telling myself it’s as good as caffeine, placebo effect anyone? 💁


thank you!! ❤️

dansingcat said: 

get it! you got this

thanks ill try my best!!!!! <3

vivoroni said:

 bonne chance, ma puce! <3

je t’aime ma puce merci <333333

gavrilushka said: 

Oh and I’m pretty notorious for studying until 2am then getting up at 6 for more studying. I do not recommend. I do recommend setting a goal for after the exam. I normally go for gelato, yummy food at a place or sushi :)

yep that’s totally me, running on starbucks and redbull after all nighters! ill try that out this weekend thank u <3

I literally need all of ballet tumblr to send me good vibes for my exams this week (starting tomorrow) I’m so mentally tired and I’m trying REALLY HARD to stay up and study (it’s 10:48 pm) but it’s such a struggle PLEASE SEND HAPPY POSITIVE ENERGY MY WAY 😔❤️